SUN CLOCK – unique in Slovakia

NEW TIME, a popular newspaper across Slovakia, has published an article on exceptional sundials that have been made in the blacksmith studio UKOVMI. 
Although we are pleased, not all the information is accurate, so we bring you the correct news from first hand. 

The sundial is an ancient means of measuring time with the help of the Earth's rotation and the apparent movement of the sun in the sky. The moving sun casts the same movable shadow, which then shows the time with the aid of shade and a scale. 

On our sundials, you can see the graph of the analemma. It is a graph that illustrates the Sun's path through the sky for a given latitude and longitude. The ray that falls through the small opening of the shade to analemma also determines the months of the year. So the clock also shows months in addition to time and estimate summer and wintertime. 

Hand-forged sun clock from UKOVMI – a world unique one that went to a private collection. During their production, we were inspired by a similar clock that boasts in Oslo, Norway. 

Slnecne hodiny Slnecne hodiny Slnecne hodiny

The clock was produced in a traditional artistic way, where iron was transformed into an artwork. Rays were more difficult to produce, as they are made of anti-corrosive stainless steel, which is more complicated to forge than iron. The clock base is forged as a tree trunk. Their design was created by Martin Poloha, Marián Richvalský worked on the technical part of the project. Artistic blacksmiths Miroslav Poloha and Jozef Chovanec had been forging the sundials for over two months, but Daniel Dráb and Jonathan Poloha had also been involved in the production. 

We invite you to look into the company and see their production directly: 

Slnecne hodiny