Our latest offer is enriched with handmade tables, lighting, and wall clocks made of oak wood, which we create in cooperation with artistic woodworkers.

Design that is beyond all fantasies, ideas, and rules can only be created by nature. It was her who has been creating furniture through erosion and various natural influences for over 300 years.

Hand-forged or modern stainless steel elements from the Artistic blacksmith UKOVMI fine-tuned the design and created exclusive furniture.

Original lamps made of old oak wood in white or with a hunting pattern stand on a pedestal of precious stone of red-brown color – sardonyx.

Lampa Lampa Lampa

By combining imagination, avant-garde design, three-hundred-year-old root, and stainless steel accessories, exceptional oak wood clocks have been created and can become jewelry for your home.

Hodiny Hodiny Hodiny Hodiny

Stylish oak root tables complemented with forged or stainless steel legs and glass will guarantee the uniqueness of your office, home, or presentation space, as each piece is original and unique, large, and small.

Lampa Lampa Lampa

Luxury oak tables, lighting, and clocks can be ordered through the online store www.ukovmi.eu, where you can also find dimensions and prices.




We also invite you to visit our showroom in Kanaš in eastern Slovakia, where you can directly see and buy oak, but also forged and stainless steel furniture, lighting and accessories.